Semi-Useful Accomplishments 

(in Chronological Order)

Kissed a llama and didn't get spit on

Had the most lines in the Annual 2nd Grade Play

1st Place in the 4th Grade Spelling Bee

1st Place in the 5th Grade Spelling Bee

Sang alto in 5 chorus groups

Starred in over 15 theatre productions 

Held a door open for Tina Fey

Runner-Up in a recreational soccer tournament 

Passed driver’s license test on first attempt during a thunderstorm

Voted Most Artistic of the Tamiscal Senior Class

Self-Elected Valedictorian of the Tamiscal Senior Class

2nd Place in the One Club Creative Bootcamp in 2015

1st Place in the One Club Creative Bootcamp in 2016

Put off getting a motorcycle license so my parents would help pay for college

Successfully moved on my own 11 times in the past 4 years

Donated over 30 pints of blood in the past 7 years

No. 1 ranked Advertising Design Major in the Otis Senior Class

Also the only Advertising Major in the Senior Class

Playing for Angel City Derby on the Rising Stars Team

Other than that, I'm designing fun stuff, writing copy to go along with it, and trying to nail my hip checks while skating on the track. 

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