Frogtown Event Print Campaign

For this project, I researched a neighborhood in Los Angeles and created a temporal identity for the area, then applied it to a fictional public event. The final deliverable was a print ad that promoted the event and a related style guide. I picked the neighborhood of Elysian Valley, colloquially known as Frogtown, because I was interested in going to an area I knew very little about. 

My in person and online research made me want to create an event that wasn't meant to be for everyone necessarily, it was first and foremost for existing Frogtown residents. I wanted it to be something that the neighborhood had already expressed interest in having: some type of local food market. The event is modeled after a Habitat for Humanity weekend building project; within two days volunteers would build simple permanent farmers market-like stalls and a seating area. Rana Market (named after the Spanish word for "frog" and to recognize the large Latinx population in the area) would allow local residents a place to sell produce they grow in the community garden or items they would normally sell out of their yards on the weekends. 

Event Style Guide

Frogtown has both very industrial and organic components due to its location on the LA River. I wanted the tension of that relationship reflected in my ad, so I used a combination of vector elements, handwritten type inspired by Frogtown signage, and images of local plants found in the area all interwoven together. I wanted to use colors found in nature, but increase the intensity so they capture the attention of the viewer without being garish. 

Project Process Book

Using Format